Hereford Scheme

The number of Hereford herds in the UK is increasing for many reasons including their ease of management, ease of calving and distinctive taste. Herefords finished off grass create a marbled effect that is in demand in the UK and export markets due to its renowned eating quality.

Our Hereford Scheme was launched in February 2013 in partnership with The Co-operative for their premium tier beef range. 

It is a bespoke closed group of Hereford producers who meet certain criteria to become members. The producers are audited annually to assess which pillars of achievement they have gained in relation to animal welfare, sustainability and efficiency.

Additional payments are on offer for achieving gold or silver status, but a premium over standard price is paid on all supplies.

For more information on the Hereford Scheme contact:

Kenny Linton  +44 (0) 2887 723350 |    

To download the Dunbia Hereford Declaration Form Click Here

Dunbia has a close working relationship with the Hereford Society. For more information click on the logo below.